How Can Character Education

For years, the common belief was that success stems from academic achievement and rote memorization. Kids were put through rigorous programs of memorization and fact-specific testing, all the while ignoring one of the most important parts of development and emotional intelligence. Character education, one of the most important parts of development, has been left out of many kids’ lives, and using some simple tools, you can add it to your child’s learning curriculum and create self confidence, drive and ambition, and accelerated emotional intelligence in your child.

The major influences in any child’s life aren’t the faceless academics and rigorous examples that have been pushed through the school system. Coaches, parents and teachers all form massively important connections in any child’s mind, and in many ways shape their future much more than the content of their education possibly can. There are thousands of parallels that can be drawn between life and sports, and they only prove to demonstrate that the ties between coaching and achievement, and children’s development are so incredibly close.

Think about it this way — what do we look for in stories? It’s rarely the characters themselves, but the themes that they’re driven by and the decisions that they make. Coaches and teachers are such an important influence in the lives of our children not because they teach them specifics and minutiae, but because the information that they share builds the power of character, and creates the driving forces required for both academic and ultra-practical success. Narrative stories are such a common historical reference point because they put people in touch with the actions and decisions of real characters, leaving the message much more clear. People learn through observing actions, which is why forming a character education program for your child is so essential.

As more and more adults struggle with personal fulfillment and happiness, the need to instill good character in children is growing more and more crucial. From early childhood all the way through to late adolescence, the influence of direct character education to children is remarkably powerful. While it’s hard to remember early childhood, it’s not difficult to relate to how some children process information. When influences aren’t clear, it’s easy for them to run into dilemmas in thinking. If you want your child to have clear emotional intelligence, start with solid character education programs.