Does the Present Educational System

Every human has to pass through the usual stages of growth. We all move on from one stage to another like moving on from one class to another. No one stays in the same stage for long as time is the greatest teacher. Humans grow in time and spend a lot of the growing years in educational institutions where interacting with other students and teachers is part of the whole.

Jane Bidder, in her book, What every parent should know before their child goes to secondary school says that ” Basically, it is difficult to win with difficult teachers because they know they are right. Sometimes it is not worth trying because you can set them against your child. We have come across teachers who immediately take it out on children by being sarcastic or unfair to them in class because their parents complained. It should not happen but it does because teachers are human”

There are some points here that have to be critically looked at. The fact is, all teachers are supposed to be right and it is not just the difficult ones that are right. No one can say there is competition between the teacher and student and the teacher has to be won over all the time. The teacher is doing a job and that should be done well which is possible only if he/she is of use to the educational growth of the student.

No one should accept sarcasm as part of teaching, as this has resulted in the deterioration of educational standards. Just having a heavy syllabus does not mean high standards. Just having a long line of medals will not give happiness when one is desperate for something else. Growth here is stunted. The system should build the character of all humans involved. Teaching was considered a noble profession where being human is not a foundation. The foundation for teaching is striving to rise above our imperfections to render service. The general yardstick in life, is striving to be a better person every day. Being sarcastic will not make anyone go forwards but will push everyone around backwards. When problems arise between faculties and students, the institute should adopt an open attitude involving all concerned, search for the truth in the matter and form an impartial conclusion. Each case is different from the other and both sides of each case has to be dealt with in person separately. Some may think this is time consuming but this is the only way anyone can grow. Growth cannot be hurried, as the negative attitudes and motives of faculties and institutions will only result in a negative future for themselves too.

Whatever the course that is being taught, whether it is elementary or professional, it is very important that students of all ages are seen as students and not some one to have personal grudges against. Personal impressions are fit only for those who are desperate and desperation has no place anywhere in life. As most institutes are run by boards with the help of its paid faculties, it is imperative that discrimination is not meted out to students just to cover up the faults of the board and its paid staff. Has anyone heard of institutes run by students? Students are always allowed to have a say in the matter, but the decisions are in the hands of the board. So it is certain, that if the system of education is very oppressive and does not build the character all humans involved, it is the fault of the decision makers and their staff. The fact exists that there are many instances where students are purposefully ignored even when it is personally harmful to the student. In such a scene, one cannot expect anything other than a system that cares only to bring in finances for the board and staff.