Character Education

Many teachers began adapting a new style of teaching called character education. This helps encourage a happy young child that grows into a fully functional and capable adult. Many people feel that we need to begin providing our children an education that helps them build skills, life strategies, and character traits that help them develop into completely capable, independent citizens.Many schools try to incorporate character education into the regular curriculum.

There is some debate over as to what should be included in that. These are responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, respect, caring for others, and citizenship. Responsible behaviors, empathy and faithfulness are central to these qualities.Character is a must for society and our culture to continue to function.

It plays a vital role in the development of healthy self esteem.Young people need to be able to persevere in the face of difficulty, solve problems, behave respectfully and respond appropriately to situations in order to become resilient and confident adults with good emotional health.Many children tend to hold on to values – whether good or bad (because they won’t consciously know the difference at a young age).

Children can easily become subjected to the fears and worries of the media which can affect their outlook in life. It becomes a schools responsibility to take care of the child and help cultivate their character through positive means and reinforcement.

Many families maintain active roles in their children’s lives and they know the children ca be influenced by peers, teachers and the content taught at school. Parents need to begin to realize just how important it is for schools to encourage and develop character education as well for their son or daughter. Then of course you have people that do not want to see character education in schools. Some people feel that it forces children to all be the same with lame social rules. They feel that moral education is the responsibility of family and religions, not schools.

However, good character traits benefit the individual as well as society.They encourage the development of personal strength and resilience as well as supporting the interests of other individuals, communities and the nation as a whole.

The education of children is intended to prepare them for adult life. Without character education, our children are ill prepared for life’s journey.The plain fact of the matter is that if children are not helped to develop character traits that will support them in life, they will be less able to relate positively to others, make good decisions and build a solid foundation for their future. Character education helps future generations.