Character Education

It has happened to all of us. Something we have always dreamed of is about to happen. We get excited about this project, and start making plans for the next steps to take. In our mind we are already basking in the light of victory and accomplishment.

Then all hell breaks lose. Things start going wrong, and obstacles we had never thought of start showing up at the turning of every corner.

Finally the whole endeavor, which we had started out with such high expectations, is about to collapse under the weight of all the opposition we encounter.

When you start a new project or step out in faith to do something new, there will always be something that will try to get in your way. If you don’t resolve to be rock-solid firm, it won’t be long until you throw in the towel and give up.

There is an attitude you must possess if you wish to achieve success in your life. This attitude is the asset of every achiever, and of every history-maker, that has walked on this planet.

This kind of attitude is essential and non-negotiable to everybody who wishes to do anything of significance in his or her life.

It is the attitude of being immovable. This word refers to one of the most critically important character traits for those who want to please God and do something noteworthy in their lives.

Being steadfast and immovable means several things:

  • It means not easily shaken or affected
  • It describes something that is not unpredictable
  • To have a strong and unbending character

This attitude says: “I am not moving until I see my dream come to pass!”

This is the right way to respond when we face a challenge.

“Who cares?” is the prevalent attitude nowadays.

Don’t allow yourself to be inconsistent and wavering in your commitment to accomplish your God-given assignment.

“I wish I could be that strong, but I have such a weak character!” This thought might be crossing your mind while you read this message.

Being steadfast is not something you are or are not. It is not a character trait you are born with. It is a decision.