Book Review

How to Counteract the Attack on Character in Today’s Society

A drift from the core values on which our country was founded has produced a moral decline in our country. Carl Sommer attributes this decline to the fact that character is under attack in our nation. In his new book “Character Under Attack & What You Can Do about It” Carl Sommer considers the spirit of America’s founding fathers in light of today’s climate of violent crime, the increase in prison population, and the philosophical battle and cultural war being raged in the political arena.

Sommer observes; there was a time when Americans took pride in their moral heritage. In recent years there has been an erosion of values which has serious implications for both our schools and society. Sommer quotes from scholars, philosophers, educators, politicians, and theologians to present his case for a return to an emphasis on character programs and traditional values in the curriculum of our schools.

Sommer talks about four keys to successful schools. He introduces four model schools that are making effective inroads into making this difference. He then offers “Action Steps” for educators, parents, and concerned citizens to affect positive results.

Sommer writes out of a genuine concern for the direction American education is taking. At some length he points out how publishers and reviewer of his books have downplayed, critiqued unfairly, or ignored the significance of his published works which are widely read, highly acclaimed and have received commendations by others. He is articulate in communicating this concern and speaks for millions of concerned Americans.