Does the Present Educational System

Every human has to pass through the usual stages of growth. We all move on from one stage to another like moving on from one class to another. No one stays in the same stage for long as time is the greatest teacher. Humans grow in time and spend a lot of the growing years in educational institutions where interacting with other students and teachers is part of the whole.

Jane Bidder, in her book, What every parent should know before their child goes to secondary school says that ” Basically, it is difficult to win with difficult teachers because they know they are right. Sometimes it is not worth trying because you can set them against your child. We have come across teachers who immediately take it out on children by being sarcastic or unfair to them in class because their parents complained. It should not happen but it does because teachers are human”

There are some points here that have to be critically looked at. The fact is, all teachers are supposed to be right and it is not just the difficult ones that are right. No one can say there is competition between the teacher and student …

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Character Education

It has happened to all of us. Something we have always dreamed of is about to happen. We get excited about this project, and start making plans for the next steps to take. In our mind we are already basking in the light of victory and accomplishment.

Then all hell breaks lose. Things start going wrong, and obstacles we had never thought of start showing up at the turning of every corner.

Finally the whole endeavor, which we had started out with such high expectations, is about to collapse under the weight of all the opposition we encounter.

When you start a new project or step out in faith to do something new, there will always be something that will try to get in your way. If you don’t resolve to be rock-solid firm, it won’t be long until you throw in the towel and give up.

There is an attitude you must possess if you wish to achieve success in your life. This attitude is the asset of every achiever, and of every history-maker, that has walked on this planet.

This kind of attitude is essential and non-negotiable to everybody who wishes to do anything of significance in his …

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Character Happiness Makes a Better

Character happiness is simply the idea of being happy with the personality traits you’ve developed over time. Being happy with the person you are helps create balance, and balance is one of the keys to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Good personality traits include things like: integrity, virtue, and honesty. These are traits and qualities that most people find admirable. You should try to emulate these qualities if you desire to become a better person.

You have to work at becoming the type of person you admire and respect. If you’re serious about improving your character, you will work hard to achieve your goal. You will be better off in the long run. As opposed to those who do not seek these things, and are more focused on just getting through life the best they can.

Everyone makes decisions in their lives which effect how others see them. A person’s decisions also determine what they think of themselves. Are you happy with the life that you’ve created? Are you happy with the person you’ve become?

This is really the key to happiness in general. If you’re happy with the person you’ve become, you’ll have a better time dealing with …

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The Character Development

Why is character development important? It’s important because it has a profound effect on your life. You spend your entire life being judged based on your actions. Because of this, working to become the best person you can be is an admirable goal. Do you know what it means to display good character? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about developing good personality traits.

1. Is it possible to teach a person positive personality traits? Yes, it’s possible. Children are impressionable. When they’re young, it’s relatively easy to fill their heads with either good or bad information. Focusing their thoughts and behavior in a positive direction helps them develop good traits.

Take every chance you get to encourage a child. Don’t spend too much time focusing on what they do wrong. Teach them about responsibility, caring, honesty, trust, and other positive traits. Never think it’s too late to help a child become a better person. Even a brat can learn to become a beauty.

2. Is it possible for an adult to change their personality? Yes, it’s possible. It takes a lot of hard work, but just about anything is possible when it comes to human …

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The Character Education Movement Takes on Pragmatism

Recently I stumbled across what looked like a very succinct description of the pragmatist philosophy (or as I like to call it “the pragmatist disbelief system”). In fact, Bob Sherman’s article provides a nice summary of core concepts of the pragmatist movement. He does what at first glance appears to be an admirable job of explaining the relationship of pragmatism to “truth-claims,” emphasizing that pragmatists define the truth of any particular proposition as a) not an absolute position and b) based on the usefulness of that proposition.

The article is well worth looking over if you want to understand how those endorsing “character education” view pragmatism. It does not take long to realize that while Mr. Sherman gets some of this right, he has fundamentally misunderstood the implications of reasoning pragmatically. His mischaracterization is not unusual. I thought I might take the opportunity to clarify what is in fact the pragmatist system of thought and how it works itself out in the sphere of social and economic policy.

The main difficulty Mr. Sherman runs into is a common one-the equation of pragmatism with instrumental reason, which is itself bound up with relativism (the belief that any set of life choices …

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